3 Toed Cryptid Footprints

What Cryptid Makes a Three Toed Footprint?

One of my earliest paranormal type experiences was when I was growing up in North Idaho.  To give you some back story, I grew up on ~640 acres and wandered the woods and roads through it all the time.  So I was used to all the normal footprints, creatures and so on.

three toed footprint

Not an exact match to the three toed footprint I saw, but very similar.

But one day on my travel between the houses that were about a mile apart, I found in the middle of the road in the soft dirt between the tire tracks a perfectly stamped three toed footprint.  The outline was clean and smooth, each toe came to a sharp point and the heel was perfectly rounded.  The whole of it was ~10 inches long.  In short, it was nothing like I had ever seen, and I was unable to find any more of them in the area.

If I had been anywhere else, I would have assumed someone was messing with me, but out there, there was no one to do it, and no one would have known that I would walk by that exact spot.

A few months later I found a second print with the same exact shape, but smaller in the mud of the driveway near the house.  Again, I could only find one, seemingly as if someone had dropped down, set one foot on the ground and left again.

small three toed footprint

A smaller but similar three toed footprint to the ones I have seen.

To this date I have found no reports of anything like it.  A few pictures have come close, but nothing has been an exact match to what I saw.

Have You Seen Three Toed Footprints?

If you have seen these types of footprints, please leave me a comment and tell everyone about them.  Something is out there with 3 toes and I would like to know what it is!




  1. we recently found some 3 toed footprints left on our driveway we took pictures of them had to be walking on two legs no four legged footprints, someone said it was an ostrich or emu since we live near some farms but those do not match. to this day we haven’t figured it out date found 7/28/2013

  2. Found some that looked like the second pic only a lot bigger in some spilt flour in my house last night. What is it?

  3. I have a photo of a snow track 3 toes, 9″ long and 50.5″ between prints. Found in backyard in western Indiana. Tracks come from fence and down the side of house. It appears to be 2 legged. Email me and I will email you the photo. My friend is really curious an wants to get to the bottom of it!

  4. toriandbrynn says:

    To be completely honest, we found a 3 “toed” footprint in the snow in Vermont, it looks alot like the one that you have posted. This thing appears to have 2 legs by the way it was walking and the prints are spaced far apart….. we are so frickincurious and creeped out to what this could be. AHHHHH!!!! i dont know how to post the pictures. And this was not a bird,its the dead middle of winter. I mean it could be but we dont think so,it was about the size of a human footprint but with 3 “toes”, clawed like. Weird man… we would love if someone could tell us what it is haha seriously

  5. Michelle Bye says:

    I have been doing some light research on the three toe… it has also been associated with paranormal/alien type activities… can’t be seen but. Evidently leaves these prints… has superb camouflage where they must have weight as they leave depressions in all mediums, and have the ability to clearly move things, but are invisible to human eyes.
    They appear to be possibly violent. And have caused damage and disappearances when they encounter humans.
    I have collected a photograph that a lady was able to capture while encountering ‘one’ but don’t see a place to post – it is a series of light phenomenon that the camera was able to collect.

  6. Cliff I was fishing just the other day sept 20th 2014on the banks of the Missouri River next to fort leavenworth in Kansas In the mud were the same three toed footprints.I t actually startled me because I have been tracking wildlife all my life it was about 4 inches wide and 6 inches long three toes the middle on just slightly longer but uniformed l and it had a heal print just like the pictures. Now it looked like it came out of the water walked up about 5 feet and turned around and went back in. i have never in my life seen anything like this. In My estimation this bipedal animal only had its prints about 1 foot apart from each other and sunk into the mud about 1 inch estimating its weight around 40 to 50 pounds compared to my footprint sinking deeper in the same mud. It has me a little nervous and extreemly curious.

    • There are things out there that aren’t documented, that is for sure! Great to hear that you saw a complete track way. Didn’t happen to get pictures did you?

  7. I recently went walking at night on a trail that goes around a pond in Canterbury,NH.
    At this same location I had heard a extremely loud howl that was definitely not a human.
    Last night with my light in the woods I saw a very distinct 3 towed print in the snow, the heel was footshaped, they were small human like prints that i followed that parralled the trail..I had seen these small 3 towed prints before on mt. Kearsarge in nh…Ill go bacl and see.if I can get some photos..

  8. 3 toed print found beneath my rvs window on a box says:

    my lady and I had recently lost everything (you know what I mean) in a fire that also consumed our A Frame Cabin. A buddy lent us a 1978 GMC Vanguard to stay in up on the hill not more that 100 feet from that charred cabin. one morning I went out to look for my newly stained palette I had left drying on a box just outside the main passenger side window just beyond the walkthrough door of the 78′ GMC . I had put it there specifically to help lessen any dust getting kicked up onto it by a passing deer or whatever. It was summer and it was dry…. when I went to retrieve it , it was exactly where I left it, on a sturdy and packed lil cardboard box about a foot high and tucked just under the body of the GMC so that it would be flush the vehicle. not an inch in or out from the side wall that was not but a half foot above it which lead up to the window. the most unnerving feeling I could imagine as I tried to comprehend what kind of animal would step up onto that box onto my new and perfectly shiny dark wood surfaced palette?! right in the middle a 3 toed almost triangular shaped print . like a goose at a park would have with those very thick feet , not the webbing type the really thick toed type… solid with out breaks or tarsal lines just a solid dusty distinct print. that meant it couldn’t be a wayward goose , because the forward weighted body would not allow it to step up onto that box and stand against the Vanguard on one foot. it had to be like a human or … I still don’t like thinking about it. getting the chills now. I took no pictures and I made no attempt to maintain it… it was too surreal so soon after our loss. I will tell you I have had less nights asleep than I have had awake (far less). it left its print while it was looking through our window, pressed against our rv… it was trying to see us while we were sitting laughing sharing a drink or two, playing games, trying to forget the world for a night… we were only inches away separated by a thin pane of glass and a linen curtain. I must know. what it is .. but to be honest , I don’t want to…. do I?

  9. Yep – mostly on our bathroom floor. I have pictures if you’re ever interested. They don’t show up for months, so I think that rules out us or our dog, and then suddenly we find them on carpets and floors. I also have been scratched in the mornings in that same room, and it always leaves three scratches. Lived in the house for 8 years with nothing violent happening, so we have no clue what it is.

  10. Jake Schutz says:

    Hi I have not had this experience but watched a show in TV with similar story. Couple was in cabin and sounded like theses things were on the roof trying to get inside.they barrikacaded themseles inside. They were scared at these invisible things trying real into cabin. And when door opened the husband was knocked to floor. They put chair behind door under the handle and rested till morning. The husband was saying his back hurt. The wife found 3 scratch makes on her husbands back. Also the same scratches on the trees, and 3 toed foot prints up driveway and around cabin and car. They were scared never came back to cabin husband purchased cheap. The husband was able to purchase the cabin so cheap cos there were 4 mysteriously murdered victims in that same cabin. Few weeks later husband drove past cabin to see if everything was ok. The cabin was burned to the ground. The owners won’t sell the land where cabin once stood and its charred remains. For he maybe selling a death trap to a family. Unknowing what scarred them scratched him and seeing tracks of monster or entity that cannot be seen.

    I knew I heard more n more stories of this creature, I want know more??
    I can see so many similarities in listen and reading each story. Yet nothing is written about this creature or as popular as the Bigfoot. Why? If it kills? We need more research so we are aware of such nightmares.

    If this creature snuck onto plane or ship. The damage trouble could be MASS Hysteria in casualties.

  11. So……this may all be a coinsidence. Since I have found god, turned my life around,strange things have been happening. Nothing huge,small things like smells,sounds and that thing in the corner of your eye…. I went to let my dog outside yesterday morning. Looked down and there it was. A perfect 3 toed print….. maybe 3.5-4″ across and the same back….what is it? Why was it on the steps of my house? Lol,gotta love mother nature

  12. Hi! Two years ago, just a month after becoming the only one living up on the mountain of our family farm in eastern WV, I was hiking down the road after s snow and found what looked like a human footprint in the snow. Only it had 3 toes, like folks are describing here. In the days prior to this, I had been watching animal prints that seemed to be tracking me home (was parking my car down the dirt road towards the highway and hiking home so I didn’t get snowed in. Looked like some large animals had been around the car (we have large packs of coyotes, bears and mountain lions here…and in the past two years they have started coming into the yard/animal pens and attacking my animals). It was while following animal tracks, I noticed a print probably 20 ft from my door, right in the middle of the road (I had walked right by there the day before and it was not there then. There was only one print though. Never seen one before or since (& now I look). A bit freaky when living alone and away from others. When I shared the pic with friends, they insisted I had taken off my shoes and gone barefoot in the snow to get the pic (apparently, I can also remove my toes at will. Lol). Just found your posts while searching for other info about “3 toed beings.”

  13. Magicstar101 says:

    I’ve seen a track but there was about 3 close together.

  14. John Erdie says:

    We had something in our back yard 2 days ago that ran after hitting a metal wagon, it made sounds similar to what ancient dinosaurs, Raptors, would have made. It left 4 prints in the yard that were three toes and had a fairly small heel. The stride was around 4′ long and it appeared to have an arch or was moving fast, two of us heard it. Would like to know what it is also.


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