The Water Droplet Phenomenon: Water Sprayed From Nowhere

A Twist On The “Water Droplet Phenomenon”

water sprayed from nowhere.The Water Droplet Phenomenon is when you are hit with water falling from above with no rational explanation.  Often times people have this happen indoors, and search the ceiling for signs of a water leak, but find none.  Outside it is harder to debunk, but often it happens when there is no rational reason.

Accounts Of The Water Droplet Phenomenon

There are many, many accounts of the water droplet phenomenon, similar to this one posted on Project Paranormal:

It started right before my mother passed away in 1998, when I was sitting in my living room and a small water droplet fell on my arm. I, of course, thought it was from my ceiling and I took a step ladder to check and see if there was moisture on it anywhere. It was dry as a bone. I tried to figure it out without any luck. This now happens fairly frequently but usually under times of stress for me or my family. It not only happens to me, but to my husband as well. We both are very baffled about this “water droplet phenomena” and have no idea what to think of it. The droplet is about the size of a tear and once when I tasted it…it was salty like a tear. Please, help me figure this out. If the water was coming from my ceiling, by now, I would have some sort of stain on it. It also happens when it is NOT raining. I and my husband are not bothered by it…we just want to understand what it means. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Water Sprayed From Nowhere

Recently I came across a report posted on Reddit of not just a droplet falling from the sky, but of a person being sprayed with a whole stream of water, seemingly from nowhere.

I was with two friends standing outside my friends house. Ok we did smoke weed so we were blazed but I’ve never hallucinated anything on weed.

It was a bright sunny day. No rain whatsoever. Pretty dry and humid like a normal Florida day.

All of a sudden…my leg is sprayed by water. Water hits my legs from a horizontal way, from the side. I don’t say anything for some reason prob because I was baked.

My friend says aloud ” anybody else feel that?” I said yeah. And he says how he was hit by like a water spray on his arm.

We brushed it off because we had no clue what it could be…but later I thought hard about it.

Could it be some type of plant spraying water or what? Or is it a jinn or something.

People commenting proposed that it could be someone messing with them, or even a bird pooping on them.  When I talked with him, he denied that anyone was around other then him and his friends.  I’m also pretty sure that birds don’t poop sideways and that no matter how baked a person was, they could tell the difference between bird poop and water.

In talking with him he added:

My friend was standing 5-6 in front of me and we were both sprayed from a sideways angle on a hot , dry day with no other source of water near us. There may be some rational expiation but nothing I can figure out

This seems very similar to the “Stones From Nowhere” phenomenon, but with water instead.  Perhaps some spirit took offense to them smoking weed right there?  It is all just speculation at this point, especially with only one account to work with.

Have You Experienced The Water Droplet Phenomenon?

If you have experienced the water droplet phenomenon or even stranger, being sprayed with water from nowhere, please be sure to let us know.  You can submit your report on our contact page!

The more of these reports we have on file, the more sense we can make of all these paranormal encounters with water from nowhere!




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