Discovering Bigfoot Movie Reviewed

Can Science Prove That Bigfoot Exists?

Bigfoot captured on film in the documentary Discovering BigfootThe movie Discovering Bigfoot, released in October of 2017, is the work of Bigfoot researcher  Todd Standing and chronicles some of his encounters with Bigfoot, as well as his taking two well known other research scientists out to his secret spots deep into the woods to find proof that Bigfoot exists.   As soon as I see it come available I new I wanted to review Discovering Bigfoot.

There are lots of people running around the woods (and other places) looking for Bigfoot. Most spend only a relatively small time in any one area and get limited results. Standing has taken a different approach however.

Standing owes his success at consistently having Bigfoot encounters to his returning to the same areas deep in the wilderness and habituating the resident Bigfoot to his presence.  In Discovering Bigfoot he makes use of his skills, and this habituation to give Jeff Meldrum and John Bindernagel, their own encounters with Bigfoot and prove to them that Bigfoot really does exist.

Review Of Discovering Bigfoot

Discovering Bigfoot MovieAs Bigfoot documentaries go, Discovering Bigfoot is pretty decent.  Some of his evidence is quite good. His use of IR lights and decent cameras goes a long ways to getting good evidence. The encounter with the apples getting taken is very compelling.

Jeff does a great job of being the skeptical believer.  Standing is definitely a true believer, so some skeptical counterbalance is nice. Even Jeff though didn’t have answers for the evidence he saw and the encounters he had.

Some of the video evidence that Standing presents is very compelling, including shots of what are supposedly Bigfoot looking at him in addition to a good bit of physical evidence.

My Problems With Discovering Bigfoot

While there is some good footage in Discovering Bigfoot, there are some things that I find both problematic and a bit annoying.  The first is some of the action scenes.

There are a couple scenes that are presented as if Standing is in the thick of the action, but since he is in the woods solo, who is on camera?  We see him running and moving, but the camera is ahead of him. Now if it is a recreation of the event, I get it.  While you are hunting Bigfoot, I can’t imagine that you would have time to run up, set up a camera and then go back and run up again to get the shot of you.

The whole effect just sits wrong with me. Maybe he had the cameras set up already to catch him filming, but it adds a bit of fakeness that flavors the whole thing for me.

My other problem is with the Bigfoot he catches on film. To me, the first couple do not look quite right to me, just not organic for lack of a better term. Now I could 100% be wrong, but they just don’t sit right.

The last video is something to see though, for it is absolutely a living entity.  You can see it clearly blink, and the skin moves like it would on a living creature.   The problem is that is suffers from the same problem as really good UFO video, the initial reaction is to call it a fake for being too good.

Summary Of My Review Of Discovering Bigfoot

As documentaries go, it is well worth watching. It does have its problems, but some of what they go over and his encounters in the night are well worth checking out.

If you have seen Discovering Bigfoot, drop a comment below with what you think of the movie. Did it convince you or leave you with more questions than answers. Post away!

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  1. I don’t believe it’s a hoax at all. I also feel, more strongly, his experience is due to an unknown people group. Like Aborigines, or those Amazonian tribes cut off from the outside world. If his evidence is legitimate, I’d hedge my bets on that’s (his images) what 20 generations of humans growing up in the wild of Northern Canada avoiding the rest of the world would look like today.

  2. A few things seemed odd to me. Meldrum was supposed to be skeptical because his position could be questioned, but had a bigfoot on his wall in his office and was willing to be filmed? Bindernagel did nothing but parrot Standing. The black bigfoot shown towards the end looked almost nothing like the others. The first ones shown had hair that covered the majority of the face and looked quite cinematic, whereas the darker one had eyebrows and very visible lines on his hairless forehead. While Standing was showing Bindernagel the tree teepees, two other camera people are shown, five people total. These must have been the people filming his “ruggedness” and various other parts including the bit with the black bigfoot, leading to Bruno’s comment about Standing always running out of film (battery). Where exactly where these other two people during the night filming? I agree with the writer that it would have been too much work to set up camera everywhere to get these shots and go back for them. It’s entertaining, don’t get me wrong, but there is just too much to scrutinize.

  3. I am also a bit concerned about some of the evidence with the footage captured while he was wearing the gully suit. These indiscrimate headshots that don’t last too long? If you are actually filming an undocumented creature and you had a locked in shot wouldn’t you keep on that shot until there is movement away from that angle so you can offer more evidence? Show more movement…if you already have the jump on them? Another thing, if you have a set up scenario (the apples?) Why wouldn’t you have trail cameras with live feeds? The same goes with your campsite? I’ve noticed that when other groups have placed trail cameras around thier campsites and cannot get clear evidence.

  4. Sandra Shannon says:

    I agree about Meldrum ,is office was all about Bigfoot…No game cameras does it for me. It was a entertaining film and I think better then most

  5. Bigfoot does not exist unfortunately for those us who enjoy the idea of a large hairy manlike creature living in the would have been killed by now.people like todd standing are trying to get rich because he cant keep a real job,what a knob.

  6. Todd standing is trying to get bigfoot protected in british columbia,well thats great but what about the coastal mermaid colonies that are endangered by high speed shipping lanes,also the wood nympths,why is todd being so cold to the other species,BEAM ME UP SCOTTY,lmao

  7. I watched the whole thing (pretty boring too) and he should have explained how or why he was videoed at the height of moments but yo watch this waste of your time entertainment piece to see a chimpanzee at a zoo for what is suppose to be Bigfoot is a bad taste.

    Wish I cloud have my time wasted back.

    It’s a Chimpanzee at the end in the zoo

  8. Sheila Justice says:

    I think he tried to hard TO make it appear as reality. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that easy. He may be a self- proclaimed big foot researcher but the fake evidence he’s trying to pass off as real makes it harder for the real researchers to prove or disprove big foot.

  9. Todd Standing is a big talker who used two honest Bigfoot enthusiast PhDs to bolster this poor documentary. It’s mostly poor due to what’s missing: game cameras posted to catch the apples being stolen. Such an obvious solution. Makes me think Standing is a huge hoaxer. Jeff Meldrum, on the other hand, is an honest Bigfoot researcher. I’m sure he would have asked, why not use game (trail) cameras? Standing left the question, if asked, out of the movie.

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