Mystery Boom Over West Virginia

West Virginia Under Attack From Space Something shook up the people of Boone, Lincoln, and Logan in West Virginia lately.  Shortly after 10 p.m. on May 15, 2014 a loud boom was heard that was so intense that it shook people’s homes to the foundation.    This is a similar report to the ones of mystery […]

UFO Metal Rains Down On China

Mengchang villagers heard a big noise and then saw a big ball of fire falling down to a vegetable garden belonging to a villager. When they rushed to the scene they found a metal ball half covered by a layer with a jagged edge to it. Not knowing what it was, they took pictures and called the authorities.

We Couldn’t Have Faked The Moon Landing

Did NASA Fake the Moon Landings? This is a small departure from our normal fare, but this video is compelling enough that I thought it warranted bringing it to your attention.  We all know of the conspiracy theory that the United States faked the moon landings.  The debate over if we did or not has […]

US Government, UFOs and The Brazilian Government

Miner says that American agents monitor cabinet of president and try to prevent alien contact I found this article on and thought it was a bit interesting.  The idea that US agents are manipulating the Brazilian government is interesting.  Of course the article is a bit choppy as it is a Google translated document.  Of course […]

Mystery Booms in Twin Falls Idaho

Being born and raised in northern Idaho, stories from there always catch my eye.  When the story of a mysterious and unexplained booming sound happening in Twin Falls Idaho hit my desk a while back, I had to follow up on it.  The original news story had this to say: Just before 8:30pm, September 23, […]

Is The Goodland Kansas Sinkhole Evidence of an Underground Base?

Why Would A Massive Sinkhole Open Up in Kansas? You may have missed this in the news recently, but a huge sinkhole has opened up near the town of Goodland Kansas.  Locals are stumped as to why this event may have occurred, but I am wondering if it is evidence of underground bases and tunnels […]

2012 Men In Black Sighting

Are the Real Men in Black Back? A recent video suggests that the real MIBs (not the ones from the movie) are still around and “interviewing” UFO witnesses. Did the staff of this hotel have a real men in sighting? In this video, two men dressed in the normal garb of an MIB enter a […]

Egyptian Statue Moving On Its Own

Why is This Egyptian Statue Moving? While moving statues aren’t the normal fare around here, I thought it was interesting enough to post.  Apparently the Manchester Museum is perplexed as to why this one statue that they have on display repeatedly turns around to face away from onlookers.  It is in a glass case, so […]

Security Cam Footage of Strange Mist Over House

What is This Strange Mist? YouTube user yfall2010 posted this video on May 17th, 2013 of a strange mist he filmed with his security camera, hovering over his house.  For all intents and purposes, it doesn’t look like any normal vapor cloud, which begs the question of what then is it? In the comments for the […]

Black Eyed Adult in Texas

Black Eyed Kids are One Thing, but Black Eyed Adults? Report Black Eyed Kid Encounters! Have you had and experience with the Black Eyed Children?  If so, then we want to hear about it.  Click on the link below to report your encounter with the Black Eyed Children and help spread the word about this […]