The Basic 4 Ghost Hunting Tools You Must Have

What Are the 4 Ghost Hunting Tools You Must Have In all things, success is often achieved by having the right tools. This holds as true for ghost hunting tools as anything else. You want to go out and do some ghost hunting, but what to take with you? There are lots of very cool, […]

Objects Appearing From Nowhere

How Do Objects Just Appear Out Of Nowhere? Many of us have had objects disappear from under our noses, but usually it is just us forgetting that we put things down in the wrong spot. Other times, things appear that just shouldn’t be there. in these cases, this phenomenon, referred officially to as apports, is much […]

1905 – Athens Ohio Giant Skeletons

Giant Skeleton Burial Mounds Once Dotted The American Landscape Before the evidence of giant skeletons in America was covered up, stories like these from Athens, Ohio were a regular occurrence.   One story that highlights how matter of fact the occurrences were was published in the July 5th, 1970 issue of the The Messenger from […]

Antarctica “Guardians” Retaliate Against America For Interference In Antarctica

Did John Kerry Get Rebuked By Aliens In Antarctica? One of the hottest stories going around the web right now is that John Kerry’s recent trip to Antarctica was actually a clandestine trip to meet with the “guardians” there, but was told to leave on no uncertain terms. The oldest iteration of this “news” event […]

Top 10 Unexplained Paranormal Phenomena

10 Unexplained Phenomenon You May Not Have Heard Of The people at AllTime10s put this video together of their top 10 unexplained phenomenon and I liked it, but though it could a little more detail about some of the cases. Here is the video and below that are some more information and links about each […]

800 Year Old Cell Phone

Did Ancient Humans Get Good Cell Reception? Recently, the Internet lit up with a story about what is supposedly an 800 year old cell phone that was excavated by archaeologists working in the town of Strausburn in Austria. The phone appears to have Sumerian era numbers inscribed on the dial pad and has some sort […]

Sky Noises in British Columbia

What Are The Mystery Noises People Are Hearing In Terrace BC? Something is creating haunting noises that echo through the town of Terrace in British Columbia.  The sounds are reminiscent of a whale song, mixed with metal sliding on metal.  The phenomenon has been documented by a local residents. Explanations have been thrown out, but none […]

HAARP In Action Video

Is This HAARP In Action, Or A UFO? In the last few days this video of something lighting up the clouds has been making the rounds and getting a lot of attention. The main thoughts are that it is  either a UFO doing something odd, or a product of a HAARP discharge.  If you aren’t […]

Bursts of Radio Noise From Space – Aliens or ???

Scientists Struggle To Explain Radio Bursts From Space. Are bursts of radio noise from space aliens trying to contact us or a natural phenomenon that we don’t understand yet? That is the question that scientists working with deep space radio telescopes are trying to answer. The possible theories range from plausible to the utterly fantastic, […]

3 Year Old Boy Recalls His Murder In Past Life

Is This Proof Of Life After Death? This story has been making the rounds on the paranormal websites lately and I wanted to share it, as well as add to it a slight bit.  Here is the story of the three year old that perfectly recalled his past life, who killed him and where he […]