What Is The Batsquatch Batsquatch is even more elusive than Bigfoot and has only a few scarce reputable sightings.  Bigfoot reigns supreme as the cryptid to hunt for in the PNW, but the Batsquatch still has captured many people’s imaginations. The first report of Batsquatch is from 1980 in the Mt. Saint Helens area.  The […]

Dover Demon Sightings of Massachusetts

Why The Dover Demon The Dover Demon seems to have etched itself into our imaginations despite that there are only a handful of sightings clustered around a few days in 1977.  This creature that has been positively sighted only three times, seems to strike a chord in our group psyche that elevates it from a […]

The Snallygaster of Maryland

James Harding described the Snallygaster as a huge winged monster with a long sharp beak, claws like steel hooks, and having one eye in the middle of its head. The monster’s screech he described as “as loud as a train whistle”.

Colorado Attic Monster

How Long Was A Monster Living In The Attic? If you found out there was a monster in your attic, how long would you stay there?  Well, a family in Greeley, CO is faced with that decision after coming face to face with an unknown entity in the darked space of their attic.  This may […]

Humaniod Trailcam Photo

The Headline About A Humanoid Got Me… Honestly I really have low expectations these days when I see a headline like Strange Humanoid Creature Photo Solved.  I have to click on it and see what I can find.  The reality is that there is a good chance that a trail cam might catch something funky […]

3 Toed Footprints Found in New Hampshire

What Has Three Toes In New Hampshire? I have written before about the three toed footprint I found as a kid in North Idaho and in years of looking have found few instances of anything like it.  Three toed footprints seem pretty rare in the cryptozoology world, and I’m sure some are just other prints […]

The Van Meter Monster Mystery

What Terrorized the Town of Van Meter in 1903? It was a dark night when what would soon to be called the Van Meter Monster arrived.  For several nights it harassed this small town before slinking back into the dark recesses of the unknown leaving behind little more than questions and possibly a cast of […]

Not Quite Alien Armored Monster

This real life creature looks like an alien life form! While this technically doesn’t fall into the category of cryptid because we know exactly what this is, this Giant Isopod is too cool not to post. Living in the perpetual dark of the ocean’s depths these scavengers belong to a big family of crustaceans related […]

3 Toed Cryptid Footprints

What Cryptid Makes a Three Toed Footprint? One of my earliest paranormal type experiences was finding very distinct 3 toed footprints in the soft dirt as a child. To give you some back story, I grew up on ~640 acres in North Idaho.  and wandered the woods and roads through it all the time.  So […]

Victorian Sewer Creature Video

Was an unknown monster found hiding in old Victorian sewers? Take a look at the Victorian Sewer Creature Video, supposedly shot in the sewers underneath Merseyside by the staff at the North West water company United Utilities. So what do you think? A new cryptid? A mysterious monster hiding in the sewers? The press in […]